The world of finance is complex and dynamic.
And so are you.

You and you alone know your needs and values, and how they may evolve.

_ We are fair, original, and responsive. We’ll select investment instruments we believe in, and we know how to manage well. We will ensure your assets are optimized and activated in a way that reflects your priorities and ethics.


Safety. Adventure. Altruism. Whatever wealth enables for you, we make our goals align with yours.

When we first established Stavanger Asset Management 10 years ago, we asked our prospective new clients the somewhat odd question; “Who is your money?”. We did so, knowing that wealth signifies very different things to different individuals. This question and the answers it brings lays behind how we approach our mandates today.

To discover how we can help you select the right path to activate your values, call or email us to arrange a personal call.