SAM (Stavanger Asset Management AS)

Information about how we handle your personal data and changes to the General Terms and Conditions.

How we handle personal data (GDPR)
SAM (Stavanger Asset Management AS) is responsible for handling all registered personal data. Below you will find an overview over your rights and a description of how Stavanger Asset Management will handle your personal information.

Collection of personal data
By entering into a customer relationship with Stavanger Asset Management AS (and/ or affiliates) personal data will be collected and registered. In addition personal data is registered when conducting trade in relation to customer relationships or the agreement.

Stavanger Asset Management AS is handling all personal data needed for the following purposes:

  • Preparation, administration and conducting agreements with you as a customer
  • To fulfil duties obligated by law, decree or other authority obligations.

Personal data may for the listed purposes, and within the framework of existing rules and the strict rules for confidentiality within the financial industry, share and handle by other companies/ financial institutions within the EU/EEA that Stavanger Asset Management AS (and/ or affiliates) have entered into cooperation with (Hypobank Swiss, DNB, Saxobank og Nordnet).

Your Rights
You have the right to know what personal information is handled by Stavanger Asset Management AS, and therefore has the right to:

  1. To receive an overview of the data handled
  2. To request that wrong or incomplete data is corrected
  3. To request that personal data shall be deleted or that the use of personal data shall be limited
  4. To protest if you do think that your personal data is handled opposite to the purpose
  5. To demand that the personal data handled by Stavanger Asset Management AS should be transferred to you or that these are transferred to another responsible handler. The transfer is contingent that the personal data is handled because of agreement or consent, and that transfer is technically possible (data portability).

Your requests or demands regarding point 2 and 5 will be considered on a case-to-case basis. If you wish additional information or have questions about what is explained above, please do not hesitate reach out to us here.

For additional information about the handling of your personal information please read below:

The Personal Data Act §18 provides you as a customer have the right to ask for access to what information the company has saved about you.

At our own initiative the company will regularly verify that employers, data handlers and others conducting work on behalf of the company, are authorized to access the registered information about you. If you as a customer has a reason to believe that individuals without a need have had access to your personal data, you may request the company to conduct an internal examination to confirm or deny the suspicion. Such a request has to be in writing and justified. The internal evaluation will be conducted by the Compliance Officer at the company, and potential deviations will be reported to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

If you as a customer think that there is a special need that only a few employers shall have access to your personal data, you can mail an application in writing that special access limitations to your account- and personal data shall be established. An internal group will then evaluate if there are grounds to establish access limitations to your information. Please note that the criteria for establishing such a limitation is strict. An inconvenience of access limitation to account- and personal data, is that there may be reduced access and longer answer times when contacting us.

Account- and personal information shall be deleted when there is no longer a need to save this information. Stavanger Asset Management AS will still save such information in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the Act relating to bookkeeping [Bookkeeping Act] and the Act relating to measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, etc. [Money Laundering Act].


Questions* may be directed to:

+47 406 95 102
*All communication about the topic shall be marked with GDPR